Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Lunch

I think I have this eating thing figured out. Yogurt, fruit and coffee for breakfast, huge lunch and small dinner. With this plan in mind, I made a reservation at Il Carroccio, a small trattoria endorsed by Slow Food. It's just off the Campo, where I had an over-priced bottle of water while listening to lots of annoying Americans try to position themselves for the best table. I've been trying to speak a little Italian and fit in some. With this in mind, I decided to go shoe shopping and actually try some on. It made me extra hungry.

Loving the half bottles of wine, why suffer through house wine? I chose Rosso di Montalcino Col d'Orcia and got a glass upgrade as well. I wanted another Brunello but thought it best to give it a rest.

Insalata di Fegatini

With Slow Food placards in the window, I'm attempting to order as traditionally as possible. I choose insalata di Fegatini con vin santo - chicken livers cooked in vin santo over radicchio & arugula. If the first dish has arugula, I know I will be ok. It's delicious! The richness of the livers and the sweetness of the wine pair nicely with the bitter greens. And the rosso di montalcino plays it off well. For once, I'm happy I chose the cheaper wine.


Braised tripe in a rich but light broth over radicchio & arugula. Delicious! Happy for the greens under the rich food. And I'm glad I did not order the insalata. Next up: ribollita. A chance for redemption. I told the owner that I had a lousy one last night and she assured me that it would be good.


And it is. The ribollita is thick and rich. Served with chopped red onion and fantastic olive oil on the side, it is true comfort food. However, it is overshadowed by the tortina di broccoli. Light and fluffy, but rich with the flavors of broccoli, anchovies and pecorino - some of my favorites. Alas, the half bottle of wine is too small for four dishes. I should know better by now, but the BMW is waiting for me.

Tortino di Broccoli

And just as I think I will behave, the giant bottle of grappa arrives at my table...

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