Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I know I should be thinking about where I will be traveling to and more importantly, where I want to eat. But the actual truth is I keep thinking about shoes. Specifically, which pairs to bring Not that they don't have shoes in Italy, I just need to show up prepared.

So I'm repacking. Just flew across the country to visit my family for a few days and realized my suitcase is too full. Feeling like I may need to travel a bit lighter and I figure I would like some room for the 'treasures' I may find. (Read - shoes)

Truthfully, my mind has not been entirely focused on shoes, I have considered all the BLT sandwiches I have been eating every day for the past few weeks. They are two napkin sandwiches, not the kind you eat in front of polite company. Complimented with rosemary chips and dill pickles. Beautiful slices of heirloom tomatoes, crispy salty pancetta, arugula sylvetta from Dancing Roots farm and garlicky aioli all stuffed into some focaccia. Of course, I added some burrata to make it creamier and dreamier.

Yes, its tough to make anything that has bacon tastier, but the burrata managed. Normally, I pair this fabulous fresh mozzarella stuffed with cream called burrata very simply -- with the best ripe tomatoes, sea salt and basil. And a good dose of the best olive oil, of course. But adding burrata to bacon is divine. Burrata may even make bacon better.

Two whole days without a BLT... Although, I did enjoy a tasty burger with all the trimmings today. Perfect Labor Day BBQ fare made complete by terrific potato salad with olives and, you guessed it, bacon. Together with a few glasses of Chilean Cabernet, it was enough to push the shoes and BLT to the back of my mind.

I'm leaving in a few hours and need to finish packing. I am hoping to sleep some on the plane, probably with dreams of a BLT.   I wonder if I can find a one in Italy....

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Gwen said...

Now I want a BLT!! We just need some sun now to ripen the tomatoes. Hope you have better weather in Italy!