Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cancelled Flight

So the first part of the journey has a not gone exactly as planned. Trying to see the bright side of a 6 hour layover in London. My flight out of Boston was cancelled so I did not make the connection out of JFK. I spent hours choosing the most direct flight to Italy. All in an effort to minimize travel time. This rerouted flight with a horrendous layover was exactly what I was trying to avoid.

Instead of JFK to Pisa direct, I flew to London and am waiting 6 hours to fly to Pisa. I am so early for my next flight, a gate has not yet been assigned. Hoping to be greeted by a terrific glass of chianti (or two) this evening instead of the perfect morning cappuccino. I'm missing a great day in Lucca but will catch up with this walled town at the end of my trip.

What I've been eating is typically disappointing since it's been at the airport and on the plane. The imperial pint of Bass ale is undoubtedly the highlight.

In an attempt to be healthy and cash in my meal vouchers (especially since they would not allow me to use them toward the beer) I ordered an overly sweet blueberry smoothy and a salad that had been made 5 days earlier. However, these were infinitely better than the 'chicken and mashed potatoes' served on the flight to London by American Airlines.

At Giraffe, a fun, lively, casual luncheon spots in Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow airport, I snacked on some scrambled eggs with roasted tomatoes. The classic British breakfast. Not exactly sure if is breakfast time for my stomach but after a trans-Atlantic flight, eggs seem the mildest thing for my confused body. How I miss our just-picked heirloom tomatoes. We are so spoiled in Oregon! And not surprisingly, I could really go for a BLT. Although the hot cup of tea really hit the spot. Which is to be expected since it is English breakfast tea, and I am at Heathrow Airport.

3 hours down, 3 more to go. Time for some people watching. Dodging people as they walk on the wrong side of the hallways and trying to guess their nationalities before they speak. Their shoes usually give it away.

Really looking forward to some good meals in Italy. For now, I guess I'll do some shopping. I will eat well later.

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