Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Lunch

I've been walking around Lucca and looking at all the boots. I'm torn between dressy and practical. Most of the shops are closed and I'm a bit frustrated. So I guess I'll switch gears to lunch. I have only two meals left and I want them to be tasty. I figure I should try the local cuisine as I am in Lucca and work in a place call Lucca. Always looking for menu ideas. This is a working holiday after all. I've found a great place called Osteria Baralla just off Via Fillungo - the shopping street. Hoping to kill some time until the shops open.

After helping the other American tourists decipher the menu, I order a half bottle of Nozzole Chianti Classico, 2007 and my other favorite companion, aqua frizzante. I always try to match the water with the wine. It helps me persevere. I decided to start with linchetto al porcini which marries three of my favorites- carpaccio, arugula and porcini.

Linchetto al Porcini

The meat and arugula were fantastic but the porcini were previously frozen. So disappointing! I have seen fresh porcini in the markets and am craving them. The tordelli lucchese were fabulous- ravioli filled with meat in a tomato meat ragu. A bit of parmesan topped them off nicely.

Tordelli Lucchese

And I did not stop there, I had to have the rabbit. Two previous rabbit dishes had been great and I decided to tempt fate. I was not disappointed - it was served alla cacciatora- hunters' style with tomato and olive, and it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. A simple green salad with lemon and olive oil completed the meal.

Coniglio Nostrane alla Cacciatora con Olive

A quick macchiato should set me straight for the afternoon. I have a few things to buy. .

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Location:Piazza Napoleone,Lucca,Italy

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Doug said...

My wifi an I were one of the tourists you help at lunch, thank you. We enjoyed talking with you.
Doug an Sally.